Saturday, April 06, 2002


I am so bad about blogging regularly. Blogging, keeping a journal, writing in a diary, whatever. These activities are all similar, and I tend to be bad at them. As a graduate student, I have exactly zero free time, so my ability to keep up with something like this on a regular basis is somewhat limited. I have to be honest, though: friends and acquaintances keep journals and manage to be successful students, as well. Hmm.

Anyway, today I have little in the way of deep musings. After smacking my head into the corner of my hutch this morning, I became a little braindead. The best part of the head-smakcing-braindead episode is that I gave myself a big ol' goose egg on my forehead about two and a half hours before giving my first paper at a conference. Really, the timing could not have been better.

After giving my talk, I listened to the rest of the papers, went out to dinner with a friend, and came home to sit in front of the computer for the next several hours. I should be reading for class on Monday. I should be writing papers. I am going to go try and accomplish something.

Maybe I will be able to write more frequently than twice a month in the near future!

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