Sunday, April 07, 2002


OK, I figured out my major problem with posting to blogger, which, if I recall, was why I stopped posting after March 11. Cookies. I hate 'em. So I have told my browsers not to accept them. But blogger needs cookies enabled to work. I was having problems ftping to blogspot using Netscape because Netscape is set to auto-reject cookies. SO, if I use explorer and accept cookies from blogger, everything seems to work out ok! This is what I meant by a humanities-type who can't leave computers alone (see the sidebar). Perhaps the associational trainwreck has affected me in more ways than I thought!

So my big recommendation for today is a lovely book of poems by Ms. Julienne K. Coleman, a young woman from Delaware. Bubbles and Other Poems. What I find so spectacular about this book of poems is the clarity of this young woman's voice, and the range of themes she tackles in her poetry. She offers both a window into the innocence and playfulness of childhood and a profound insight into more serious issues, such as peer pressure, identity, and American soicety at the end of the 20th century. If you are into poetry, give her work a try!

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