Tuesday, April 09, 2002


Well, template updated. Minor snafu's fixed. I think we're good for right now. There's one minor thing I need to figure out (alignment of the right content cell), but this is not major. Not as bad as forgetting a closing div tag, which caused my whole blog to end up in the right content box! Yay, fun. Learning by screwing up royally. Anyone who might actually be reading this and knows how to code (html, java, c#, whatever), go ahead and laugh. We were all beginners once upon a time!

Now, on to bigger and better projects: my final project in my Comparative Literatures seminar, "Cyberculture(s) and Posthumanism(s)," which will explore themes of colonization on the web. Is the web colonized? Being colonized? What might it mean, if it is? On the other hand, is the human form colonized? Being colonized? And what does it mean, if the human form is being colonized? Thoughs? Questions, concerns, comments?

Oh, the whole point: the final project is a web-based presentation of my research, with the design portion of the grade counting for more than the (what would traditionall be considered) "content."

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