Monday, June 17, 2002


1.5 weeks without a post again. But hell, no one but me reads this thing anyway(as far as I know), so in the long run, I guess it's not all that crucial.

I have been blog browsing again. It seems like summer vacation is the topic of many, many blogs now, and that graduation is another popular theme. Well, I'm sort of "on summer vacation" at the moment - teaching one class and taking zero (at the moment - begin sitting in on a Visual Cultures seminar next week). And I did graduate this semester, though I got the M.A. that tells me I only have another four years, on average, until I recieve my PhD. But I was persuaded to actually participate in the graduation ceremony, and I am glad I did. The group of friends that I have made here at Penn State - they are some of the coolest people I have met in my life (husband, sister, and the two best friends aside). I have never felt a part of a group like I have here - a group of graduate students, a group of English *scholars* (I use the word somewhat tentatively - it still feels like I haven't quite earned it yet, even though I have an 'advanced degree'). And othe other assorted groups that have formed here: the Friday lunch group from first year, the BFonte group, and of course, the Union.

I haven't been as active as I should be on that front lately, but the union relly gave me a way to interact with students from other departments and to connect with a great bunch of people. Of course, the activist in me was also really into the union activities. I think a union is a smart idea for graduate assistants. I get a little irritated when I am told that my teaching does not make me an employee. This is a big, somewhat complex issue, and I am not going to soapbox about it at the moment. I'll save that for another post, perhaps.

I am pretty sure one of the reasons that I am not exactly the most active activist in the world right now is that I am in a big transitional period at the moment. I am getting ready to move to Minnesota. I have no idea what living in Minnesota will actually be like. I have no frame of reference. I grew up between L.A. and D.C. - the weather, the social scene, the general way of life in these two cities is really different, but I learned kind of how to adapt to the two. Aside from six months in NYC and two years in Central PA, LA and DC are really the areas I have always thought of as home (DC more than LA, but both have been home at different points). But MN? The Midwest? I will be so far from friends, family, places that I have known all my life. At least living in Central PA I have been equally far away from the major East Coast cities, and only four hours from DC. Anyway, it's a big move. New school, new department (I haven't really been outside of an English Department, studies-wise, since high school, and now I am off to a Rhetoric program), new city, new time zone. At least I THINK we have the apartment situation figured out. Speaking of which, I have to get home and call about that apartment!

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