Monday, June 03, 2002


Woo-hoo! I finally sat down and took 20 minutes and tweaked the alignment of the right content box, and now it looks (more or less) just the way I want it to! Wow, that was so difficult! :-) Really, if only technophobes knew how much could be done with pre-existing code and a Visual Quick Start guide. Ain't technology grand! Of course, how many of them would think it an accomplishment to move some words in a box down the screen a few pixels to line up with other words in a different box on the page, well, that's another question entirely. But still - I have gotten a bit better at tweaking javascript. Um, not just moving boxes up and down - I made a DHTML menu for a web page, too, which was actually more difficult. I found that little task fun, even if the menu never actually made it onto the page I had created it for.

Oh, if only I could go back to high school and suffer through the BASIC programming course all over again (believe me, not for the sheer pleasure of sitting through THAT course, but in order to get to a point where I could actually program a computer to do something worthwile). I'd stick it out this time! Of course, getting into programming now, while perhaps more difficult for me personallly since I haven't had a math course in some seven years, would mean not having to put up with patronizing teachers and twitchy Apple IIE's that had been mishandled by every kid in the high school. And it's not like I want to code for a living! Just, you know, for fun.

Teeny accomplishments. Big, huge errors and teeny accomplishments.

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