Saturday, September 28, 2002


Whatta great waste of time! The OK Go Ping-Pong Challenge! Just what I need, another way to keep myself from doing work.

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Friday, September 27, 2002


And before I run out the door for 10:10 Cognitive Science class, I'd just like to make an observation: I was looking back through my archives, and the main theme of this blog is how bad I am at blogging. Meaning, maybe I should just write about thoughts, links, news, and stop going on about how I can't do anything regualtly and on a continuing basis.

Two new resolutions this week: no more procrastinating about schoolwork ( um, that'll happen), and no more blogging about not blogging.

You know, I should be able, really to find something more interesting to write about.

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I have no cable, no television. This means that, when I feel sluggish or when I am running late in the morning (which is all the time), I often skip out on my daily dose of Internet news. TV news is so passive - used to be a background feature of my apartment, but no longer.

Anyway, as a responsible citizen with some pretty clear political beliefs, I've decided that head-in-the-ground approaches to the world are no longer an option. So, the NY Times and other national dailies have made a renewed AM apprearance on my desktop.

An interesting portal site was pointed out to me by my friend, Warren, a few days ago. If you want a different perspective on affairs in the Middle East, try "The Middle east Gateway." Good counterpoint to American mainstream news coverage.

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Boy, does the rest of the world dislike us. The number of cyberattacks breaks records for the third month in a rowaccording to this article posted at mi2g. And many of them are aimed at U.S. Government agencies running Windows of some flavor. Thanks to the good folks at Kairosnews for the linkage.

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Thursday, September 26, 2002


Just did the first post since June - I am soooo bad at this! Not even going to pretend that I will be updating more frequently now, since I seem to have buried myself under a pile of classes and have been trying to get out from under books and articles for the past week. The last post was really inspired by the fact that I ran across this site and wanted to throw up a link really fast so as not to lose the url, and to make the bookmark portalbe. No one else reads this thing anyway!

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The Digital Divide Network seems to be a very good source for information on this topic. Importantly, the site has international coverage, which sometimes gets left out of American perspectives on the Digital Divide isue.

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