Saturday, October 05, 2002


From :: P2P apps: built to steal? Lively debate with a variety of viewpoints expressed. The million-dollar question: how could one make a p2p program like Kazaa legit (my word choice)? Some suggestions, including inferior/slower downloads offered in connection with the ability to purchase the hard copy. Others say there's no way, p2p apps are basically used by a bunch of people wanting to steal, and there
s exactly nada that can be done about it. Third camp, in which I place myself: what people do with the app is not the fault of the designer. Photocopiers: legal. VCRs: legal. Tape decks: legal. P2p?

Now, look: the internet enables the disemination of information in a way entirely different than that which came beore it. This is an old, old argument. Browsers copy web pages - violation? Deep linking - legal or not? Quoting in emails. Cutting and pasting. and so on and so on ad infinitum (um, there's probably an upper limit, but . . . ) IF p2p apps are 'bad,' and one thinks they're illegal, hell, wouldn't many of the above (context-dependent, o'course) fall into the same category?

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