Saturday, October 12, 2002


I hate being sick. And for the last three days, that activity, "being sick," is all that I have been able to do, more or less. Wednesday was a very late night in a long string of recent late nights. I was working on a group project – an annotated bibliography on distance education – with two friends. We worked from 9 until 1, doing the final edit, trying to ensure consistency of voice, correctness of citations, and general coherence. As we left the multimedia lab shortly after 1 to walk to our respective cars, I was already beginning to feel ill. Of course, while we had been in the windowless lab working, it had begun to pour, and so all three of us, bone-tired as we were, set off to slog through the rain to our vehicles.

Thursday I woke up unable to swallow and with a fantastic headache, the kind that keeps you from seeing straight and makes it impossible to do anything – read, watch tv, etc. So I stayed home and slept all day, and woke up Friday feeling . . . yep. Worse. But I had class at 10:10, and was responsible for the class (I'd arranged speakers for the day), so I got up and went to the cognitive science proseminar, and then to my stats in communication course, then to the stat lab afterward. Lab ended at three, and I was really dragging by the time I surfaced from the basement of the communications building and was blinded by the brilliant, unsympathetic sun. The sun didn't care that I felt like crap and had a light-sensitive headache, but my mommy did.

At my mom's insistence (she's over 1,000 miles away, and I am 26 years old, but she still wins in cases such as this one), I spent all of Friday afternoon sitting in the Boynton Health Clinic. I waited, saw the N.P., went for my bloodwork (white blood cell count and a mono test – everyone always thinks I have mono, and yet I have never gotten it) and had my quick strep culture processed (this was nifty – the last time I had a throat culture, it took a whole 24 hours to process). Then I waited some more, until the results arrived from the lab. The N.P. gave me the good news: I didn't have anything they could fix. But she still seemed concerned, and told me to wait to see the doctor. After another tedious round of waiting, I was moved to a nicer exam room (guess you can tell who ranks, right?) and shortly thereafter, a doctor entered. The process began all over again: "What are you here for today? Do you have allergies? Does your ear feel clogged, or is it more of a sharp pain?" All of the questions I'd answered for the N.P. End result: what I have is viral, nothing to do but wait it out. If it's not gone in two or three days, if I begin to run a fever, or if I show other signs of strep, I'm to come back.

Of course, this morning my throat (and the entire left side of my face, actually) was even more swollen. I am running a fever: 99.1 three hours ago; 99.8 about 30 minutes ago. I can't swallow, I can't eat anything, and tonsils on the left side are so swollen that they are actually making it difficult to breathe. The headache's back, too. I've got a million things to do (mostly studying, but I have a research prospectus due on Tuesday and am behind as all get-out in my editorial work) and have no time for this being sick nonsense.

And I really want to eat something other than soup. I have, of course, but the end results are too painful. And there's my whiny post for the day. :-(

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