Sunday, October 27, 2002


I managed to skip posting yesterday – whoops! First time in quite a while, though. And, as my Friday post indicated, I needed some serious relaxation time. This was accomplished by going out with friends both Friday and Saturday nights, a rare and somewhat costly approach to decompression and de-stressing. The Friday outing was brief: I think I actually spent more time driving to and from the restaurant than I did in the restaurant. I just met up with a few friends, had a beer, did a little grad-student bonding by griping profusely about a class three of us are taking this semester, and then went home. I was exhausted enough that, had I had more than the one beer, I would have fallen over at the table.

Last night’s venture was fun, but strange, and very pricey. A group of us got together at Chino Latino, a restaurant in the Uptown area of Minneapolis that’s sooo cool, it apparently needs no name or address on the front. After wandering up and down the appropriate block, my friend and I decided that Chino Latino must be the one with “all the sparkly stuff” on the front. And it was. So, we entered – into a dimly-lit restaurant/bar filled with trendy, trashed twenty-somethings. Everyone was wearing black, or if not, the currently fashionalbe, creamy shade of tan. Lots of leater – jackets, pants, etc (I’m guilty, too – I wore my brand-new black leather jacket last night). An hour and a half lafter we arrived, we got a table. We were notified of this by a gentleman wandering around the restaurant with a chalkboard - there were bells attached, and he jingled his way through the extensive waiting area, displaying the name of the party that was next to be seated (and the table number at which the group was to sit, for some reason). The background noise levels in the seating area were slightly more tolerable than the deafening din of the waiting area (where shreaks and screams, loud discussions, and lots of attempted cell-phone conversations combined to make conversing absolutely impossible).

The food ended up being much better than the atmosphere: we got two dishes for sharing and an order of sushi rolls, which was plenty for the five of us, and more reasonably priced than I thought. After dinner, we wandered the streets of Uptown for about 20 minutes, trying to settle on a place to have “one more beer” to end the evening: opinions, of course, were divided as to how we should select a location. I voted for no cover: paying a cover for 30 minutes to an hour and one beer in a place seems excessive and unnecessary to me – and besides, the evening had already been quite pricey. Some people wanted to go home, som didn’t care about the cover. It ended up that we just went to the closest place without a cover, mostly because it was FREEZING while we were outside arguing about where to go. So, we ended up at a place called 101 blu, which wasn’t too bad.

Hmm, I just wrote a whole post about my social life – makes it seem like I might have one : ) !! Of course, I usually bum around my apartment in sweatshirt and jeans, or maybe go out for the occasional diner-style dinner with my husband. The thought of the last two nights as typicla of my social interaction is laughable! But hey, once in a while, it's fun to pretend . . .

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