Monday, October 14, 2002


I wrote in an earlier post about my reactions to the shooting in Washington. Well, that was on October 3, and at that point, five people had been killed. Now, 12 days later, the Washington Post reports on a Woman Shot Dead At Store In Fairfax. While this article (and other, similar articles ) don't conclusively link this death to the others (yet), it seems likely that this tenth shooting would be the eighth victim of a D.C. suburbs sniper.

I haven't written about this again, not becuase I haven't been following the news, or because I don't care, but because this is very difficult for me to deal with. I'm worried about my family and friends in the D.C. area. I know from talking to some of them that everyone is very tense, very scared. The whole situation is horrible, terrifying. Eight senseless deaths; ten people shot down while doing regular, everyday activites. I am hoping all of this will end, and that D.C. area residents will be able to go about their business without fearing to set foot outside, soon. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families. I hope all are well and safe in our nation's capital tonight.

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