Saturday, October 05, 2002


It just gets better and better. Now Russia Recasts Bog in Caucasus as War on Terror: "Using the rationale and sometimes the rhetoric of the Bush administration's antiterrorism campaign, commanders here said this week that the Chechen war is financed, armed and increasingly fought by Islamic militants from abroad. . . .

Since Sept. 11 last year, however, the Russians have used the foreigners' presence to recast the war in what appears in part to be an effort to win American and international support for a campaign criticized by human rights groups as brutal and indiscriminate.

On the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, in words that directly echoed President Bush's warnings to the Taliban last year and Saddam Hussein now, Mr. Putin threatened to launch pre-emptive strikes in Georgian territory unless President Eduard A. Shevardnadze did more to crack down on Chechen rebels."

. . . and now, internationally, in the name of a war on terror, pre-emptive use of force is legitimized, campaigns once criticized for human rights violations are now nearly beyond reproach, and so on. That's not so good, in my opinion.

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