Sunday, October 13, 2002


National Geographic has a nice litte article on Tattoos—From Taboo to Mainstream on thier site. It's great to see a reputable source such as National Geographic paying positive lip service to tatoos and body art. The info from the researchers seems pretty positive, too: people from all walks of life are getting tattoos, and one source estimated 60% of those getting tattoos are women. As a woman with ink, that's something I like to see. It's not that I think everyone should have a tattoo: far from it, actually. I think tattoos are a huge committment, and that people need to be really sure they want to have them for the rest of their lives before getting a tattoo. I, however, have multiple tattoos, and love them all. Parents aren't thrilled, but that's another story entirely.

- posted by laurie @ 10/13/2002 11:23:00 PM
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