Monday, October 21, 2002


Oh, Monday, Monday. It's midterm time, the workload is about to drive me up a wall, and it's unbearably cold for October, in my opinion. But good things are happening in the world, too: my sister got a really awesome (from my uninformed, totally non-artistic point of view) painting accepted for a gallery show. I wish I could be there to support her and see her wonderful work in person. My sister's one of the coolest individuals on the face of the earth.

I've got more statistics to study (I have decided that any further attempt at transcribing my lecture notes is futile, futile, futile) and just a wee bit of reading to do for classes tmorrow. At least I feel somewhat more secure now: I'm not as royally screwed in stat as I thought. Not a good time to go getting overconfident, though: miderm Wednesday, and even if I'm not royally screwed, I'll end up so if I stop studying now. And of course, I have a review essay due the next day - but this will all get done, and the less I stress about it, the better off I will be.

Believe me, this is a novel approach to life, advocated by Eric the Tranquil (motto in life: "shut up and deal"). He also kept me from buying coffee today, and so I got tea instead: we'll see how the high-stress, low-caffeine week does on my anxiety levels. My theory is, while I'll feel less stressed, I'll get less done and be more tired. But that's because I'm a coffee-lovin' stress junkie.

Well, whatever happens, I'm going to take the test Wednesday, turn in the review essay Thursday, and then go out and see They Might Be Giants at the Fitzgerald Theater after class. It's one of the McSweeny's shows: music, spoken word, and so on. Should be good stuff!

All right, this has been a somewhat banal post, and I have other, "less important" things to be doing, as my friend Steele says!

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