Thursday, October 03, 2002


Scary monsters. This article, Five Killed in Montgomery County Shootings (, describes seemingly random acts of violence that have taken place in a one-mile radius in Montgomery County, MD. Five deaths since last night, and it seems that police have't got a whole lot to go on. The really frightening thing about these incidents: they are taking place in an area with which I am very familiar. I've been to most of the locations described in the article.

School shootings, September 11, and events like this really point out that life continues uninterrupted by chance and luck only. That sounds kind of fatalistic, but really, we take so very much for granted. This kind of thing could happen to anyone, anywhere, any time.

I wish this world were a more compassionate, empathetic place. While it might not stop all events like this one, it certainly couldn't hurt at all. I'm trying to express something along the lines of a compassionate/empathetic "carpe diem" but can't find the words for it. See, the problem with the "we could die at any moment - so we have got to live life to the fullest, live in the moment, and enjoy the now" attitude that some feel as a result of things like these shootings is that they can lead to thoughtless and self-absorbed actions (even if people don't mean them that way). I don't have a problem with living for the now, but I think that the now includes not just oneself, one's family and close friends, but the people in our region, state, nation, and so on. Carpe diem doesn't mean relinquishing social responsibility.

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