Friday, October 25, 2002


So, it’s Friday afternoon, and I have been released from the stress of this past week. The midterm is over and my review essay is, for better or worse, in my instructor’s mailbox. Now I’m just zonked, and looking forward to a nice nap!

I’m particularly wiped out because I was up half the night finishing my review essay. This, in turn, is because I decided, against better judgment, logic, and other such things to go to the They Might Be Giants vs. McSweeny’s show at the Fitzgerald Theater last night. You see, the review essay was originally due on Thursday at 3:00, and so the plan was to relax, unwind, and celebrate the completion of the paper with a good dose of McSweeny’s-style spoken word and awesome rock showmanship courtesy of the Giants. Of course, an extension until Friday noon was granted to the class, which usually would have been a boon, but to a procrastinator with tickets to see her favorite band, was a decided bane.

Anyway, the show last night was absolutely wonderful. The opening act was a bit odd, a family performance act that included mom operating a slide projector, and dad and daughter providing lyrics and music to tell the story of the slide show on the screen behind them. The eight-year-old kid was pretty good on the drums, though, and some of their bits were quite amusing. The other performers were all phenomenal! I’d write more about them, too, but I’m cognitively impaired due to lack of sleep and left my program in my friend’s car (after getting Flans to sign it!!!), so I can’t remember anyone’s names!

They Might Be Giants put on a wonderful show, as usual. I truly enjoyed this show because I had really good seats – this is the closest to the stage I’d been since I saw them in 1994 at Irving Plaza in NYC – and this was better in some ways. While I started in like row 2 at Irving Plaza, that venue is all general admission with no seats, so when the moshing (to any incredulous readers out there: yes, moshing – John Henry had some slam-danceable tunes, and it was a hometown crowd) started, I got slammed all the way to the back of the hall. I wasn’t a happy camper!

Anyway, They played a few songs off of “NO!,” including “John Lee Supertaster” and “Bed,” both of which I really like. They also did “Dr. Worm” and “Actual Size” with the same awesome drum solo (“press or say . . .” to get 12 different drum styles – the 12th being Animal from the Muppet show – rock on!) that they did when I saw them in D.C. this summer. Of course, “Istanbul” with the great acoustic guitar intro and “Why Does the Sun Shine?” were amazing. Ok, the whole show was amazing. They did the “Clap your hands” intro, and played Edith Head during the McSweeny’s set. The crowd swayed in unison to "Drink," another one I love to see live.For an encore, they did “Fingertips” and “James K. Polk.” They also did a song called “Au Contraire,” which apparently was supposed to appear as a hidden track on the McSweeny’s 6 CD, but somehow or another was forgotten and left off the final CD version. Also nifty to see was the Johns and the band of Dans providing a bit of a soundtrack for David Eggars’s reading, including “Lift Us Up Where We Belong” and some “Stairway to Heaven” action. And they had the confetti cannons! And of course, when the show ended, John Flansburgh was out in the lobby signing stuff, I got my program signed, and I now have two items (the program and a T-shirt purchased at a 9:30 show in D.C. a few years ago) signed by only one John. One day, maybe, I’ll get Linnell’s autograph on something, But I won’t hold my breath.

Now that I have detailed the fantastic experience that was last night’s show, as well as described the bad situation I put myself in by attending, I think I’ll curl up for a nap. I do have more observations to share (about other things – no more TMBG talk for the moment), but they’ll have to wait until after I am refreshed and rejuvenated by a nap and, perhaps, a little vegging out.

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