Monday, November 18, 2002


Goooood morning everyone! It's a beautiful day here - at least from inside my apartment - I'm sure it's completely freezing outside, but who cares? I woke up on the happy side of the bed this morning! Haven't been in this good of a mood on a Monday since . . . since . . . well, it's been a long time. We'll leave it at that!

So, as all I have done today is work on TCQ stuff and drink some coffee (yeah, I still have my p.j.'s on *sigh*), I haven't got a lot ot report in the way of news and views. I'll get to that later on today, perhaps. I just wanted to share my bit of sunshine with the world beyond my apartment!

The only thing I really have to report is this: I think I am going to have to start another blog (or two). I've been noticing that this blog hardly ever sticks to topic - rhet/tech, cyberculturem cyberfeminism, IP, p2p and emerging tech. But I have also noticed that I like this: I have a place to run off at the mouth, so to speak, and that's fun, necessary. But - I'd still like to have a place for organizing my more academic/scholarly (or what passes for such anyway!) thoughts, and recently I have been thinking it might be useful/interesting to keep a specifically feminist-oriented blog (not that I couldn't write about feminism here or in an academic blog, but that it would be nice to also hoave this collected in one location). So I might need to start other blogs sometime in the near future. The problem is: I think I want to use something other than Blogger to create the next generation of Laurie Blogs. Partly for the same reason that I own a Mac and a PC - I believe in being as conversant as possible with as many OSes and apps as possible. The other part of this desire to move away from Blogger would be because of some of the problems Blogger has (and has had in the past): instability, hacks, disappearing/reappearing templates and other files, those wonderful days when my blog won't appear when I type in the url, the times when my images, hosted on the same frickin' server as my blog, simply don't appear . . . you know, I have been using blogger for over a year now, and while there are others out there who have been using longer, certainly, I feel a sort of loyalty to blogger - I like blogger, like a lot of the blogs people create with blogger, like (as much as one can wothout actually knowing them) the people who created/run blogger. But perhaps it's time to move on.

That means I've got to figure out what blogging tool I want to use next. An if I want it to be web-based or not. Do I want to host my blog on server space that belongs to me? Does that mean I need to find a host and pay a fee and perhaps register a domain name (I've been thinking about this for years, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet).

Last, and certainly not least: do I have the time, the energy, the motivation, the creative power to maintain three blogs?
Maybe I should think on this a bit more ;)

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