Tuesday, November 05, 2002


Happy election day! VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!!

All right, Rafi, I hope you're happy! Not only am I going to nag people in person, but on my blog, too. And, yes, I will vote. After finishing up my prep for classes this afternoon and working out, but before heading to campus. I promise!!!

But (in keeping with the theme of this blog, which I often either streeeetch a bit or neglect entirely in favor of more rambling, personal posts) don't expect fast returns and results in this election! pz at Kairosnews pointed out this NYTimes article: New Computer May Delay Reports on Voting Results.

This new computer system is supposed to help with the analysis of polls and election returns, but last-minute problems coupled with the uncertainty of a first-time run, make it unclear how helpful the new computer system will be.

It appears that after the "Election 2000" debacle, everyone is being a lot more cautious: news agencies won't call close races, and I heard on a too-fuzzy-to-see network broadcast this morning that, on some networks, there will be no exit-polling reportage.

Hey, isn't technology supposed to increase speed and accuracy? :) Guess we will just have to be patient on this one. Personally, I prefer to wait a bit longer for results of ballot counts than to be satisficed with projections.

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