Friday, November 29, 2002


Long time, no post. It's a holiday weekend and way too close to the end of the semester for my comfort, though, so please cut me a little slack!

I'm heading off to bed very shortly (after I freeze my lay through a last cigarette of the evening - btw, I am quitting over winter break, honest, I have the prescription for zyban and everything), but I wanted to share one thing before I go freeze my butt off.

Before logging in to blogger tonight, I checked my stats. I've got some interesting hits coming from some oddball places. A few google searches that kind of amuse me: someone got here by googling "pixie oil diffuser," another person by googling something about having to pee (I think the search was "pee" + "I have to"). Heh. I huess it's all about context, right? I was completely confused, especially by the last one, until I remembered that recent link to a woman's guide to peeing standing up . . . random.

Anyway, hope the radom visitors enjoyed the site. I know it wasn't quite what they were looking for, but . . .

I'm going to go cool my heels (and my nose, and my fingertips), reduce my circulation, and all of that now. Good night!

- posted by laurie @ 11/29/2002 11:03:00 PM
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