Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Must . . . write . . . one . . . post . . .today . . . !

It's been a long day. I'm sleepy and have reading to do. But I went shopping today and spent dollars I don't necessarily have. Bought utterly useless items: yummy-smelling candles, a scented oil diffuser and oils to diffuse, a CD (really an impluse buy!). The only practical purchases were care products for my leater items: the briefcase I don't use and the leather coat I rarely wear. They get such infrequent use in part because I am afraid it'll rain or I'll dump something on one of them, and then I'll be upset at myself.

Ok. I'm reading now. I swear. Turning pages as I type.

Oh, one last thing: Rafi - you are being publicly called out. Blog, you silly! You promised!

and now, good night, my friends. see ya 'round like a record.

- posted by laurie @ 11/20/2002 09:26:00 PM
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