Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Ok, ok, one more thing:

The tech guy behind the genius counter at the Apple sotre tonight made me feel like a moron. Like an idiot girl who knows nothhing about computers except that they come in two flavors: Mac and PC. And that the flavors don't mix well. For shame. The whole apple tradition is built around sleek interface design, user-friendliness, and ease-of-use (is that redundant? there's a difference, even if only a shades-of-grey one, in my mind). To get such a talking-down-to (especially while the guy next to me didn't) at an Apple store is bubble-bursting.

Ok, more page-turning. No more blogging 'til tomorrow, as in when I wake up, not when it turns midnight in 14 minutes.

*yawn* estoy cansada. tengo mucho sueno. (how does one get ~ in this interface?) voy - a leer, y despues, a dormir.

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