Thursday, November 14, 2002


A review of the TMBG show I went to recently from Pitchfork: McSweeneys vs They Might Be Giants vs Boredom. Awesome show, again! Yanked this link from, which is a great source of information and entertainment!

I'm off to (not) be late for class, then to work on Technical Communication Quarterly layout/editing for a while.

And I might, or might not, who knows, write more about my adventures through the weird world of health care, family health history, and insurance snafus later on. But at the moment, I'm inclined to keep that stuff off my blog, mainly because it's not light-hearted, jovial information. *sigh* I need this semester to be over. I've got a winter break with two warm-eather vacation trips scheduled. I need it now, not in a month or so! Yeah, warm weather, vacation, and hugs would be good right about now.

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