Tuesday, November 05, 2002


Sexual Metaphors and Technocultural Studies?

So, in my Intercultural communications class, we have been reading this collection that deals with, well, technology and culture. One of the things we discussed tonight was the rate at which research in this area becomes obsolete: anything published before 1994, pre-web, is pretty much useless for looking at current issues in technology, culture, and communication. We also discussed the propensity to dismiss anything more than a few years old. A few years, in the lifespan of the Internet, is an eternity. On the other hand, researchers in technocultural areas occasionally challenge the theoretical tendencies of the area, and urge more quantitative, substantial studies of current technologies, arguing that we can’t make changes and improve upon what we have until we understand what’s working, what’s not, and why.

The first camp really seems to fit the “bigger, better, faster, now” model, while the second argues for “harder, deeper, more.”

Sex and the Internet. Two different research agendas, methodologies. Just a thought.

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