Monday, November 11, 2002


Short post - I'll write more later on. I just wanted to say that Greg over at Tag-Board Message Board aka TagBoard 2 is awesome. If you're thinking about putting a message board on your blog/site, use Tag Board!

Now I have to go help Eric move furniture around in the living room - we're getting a couch tonight! Yay! Free comfy couch! Grad students benefit when faculty get new furniture.

Between the free couch, the free (with linkback) images, the blogfrocks, the Tag Board interactions I had today, and the (slightly less recent) interactions with Levenger Customer Service - they refunded my priority shipping charges because of a, well, miscommunication - I'm really liking people right now. :)

- posted by laurie @ 11/11/2002 04:27:00 PM
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