Thursday, December 05, 2002


Ah! I found the post I was looking for! I wanted the link to Image Cafe, because I still haven't sent the e-engagement card I was writing about a few days ago, mainly because most of the ones I found were simply not appropriate. So, I wanted this link because the site has some absolutely beautiful photos that can be trsnformed into e-cards. Maybe I'll send roses or something like that - better than a Yahoo! animated, "so, you've decided to walk down the plank . . ." pirate-themed thing, or something even tackier.

Now, I am off to work. I'm starving and want nothing more than to head to Perkin's for the smoking section, a cup o' coffee, and a nice chicken tenders dinner (with a book in hand, of course!), but I think I will meet with resistance from Eric, who just did his own check-by-phone payment. Well, at least the electricity won't be cut off! I'm bad about paying bills on time, but he's bad about paying them before people call or the pink-and-red, "we might have to send you to collections" letter comes in the mail. I think we collectively are getting better about this, though. We were just so broke in State College that we never paid bills because we never had money. We paid rent and got groceries. That's about it. Anyway, now that we're relatively financially solvent, we need to develop habits that will help get our credit out of the crapper!

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