Monday, December 16, 2002


Braindead. Fried. Exhausted. But two out of three papers are handed in, for better or worse. I know one of them has at least one remnant from the battle with the printer this afternoon. I am thinking about taking a disk to the lab and tring to print there, but I think it might be a problem with the document, not with the printer. I'm not sure, though. I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer and checked for driver updates, but this didn't fix anything, and the errors kept on occurring in the same places in the documnet.

I hate paying for printing when I have two printers here (ok, one doesn't have a power source, but still). Maybe I'll ask a neighbor . . . I'll bring my own paper! Hmm . . . maybe not. Toner costs and all.

I hate computer labs.

- posted by laurie @ 12/16/2002 05:13:00 PM
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