Thursday, December 05, 2002


Hmm, I'm back from class and have been playing around with my site meter. I think it's working now, not returning javascript errors, and displaying the way I want (though I may have to change the colors - I really like orange but it looks funky with the rotating colors of my template). Now all I really want to add to this specific page is maybe a "search" function - anyone have recommendations for a good, free site search tool? Then this page would have most of the stuff I want on it - at least in the way of free goodies.

Then all I have to do is go about redesigning the page, tearing down everything I have done and rebuilding it. At this point, I *might* consider moving to another app/hotsing solution, though I did pay for ad-free hosting here, and I should use it.

- posted by laurie @ 12/05/2002 03:25:00 PM
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