Sunday, December 08, 2002


I got so very little done this weekend. I think I am going to have to cry soon. I suppose it will all get done, as it usually does, but it will, also as usual, be painful, stressful, and unnerving. My thumbs hurt (does that make any sense?) from typing. Too bad I ended up deleting a good portion of what I typed.

*yawn* I have got to hit the hay. Physical therapy starts tomorrow, then I have the last official day of Quantitative Methods, and then I need to discuss the fine details of my current standing in that class with the prof. After that, home to write more of the lit review, and to prepare two oral presentations for Tuesday.

Any takers on how many hours of sleep I'll get tomorrow night? If I was a betting person, I'd bet somewhere in the less-than-six-but-more-than-two range. But I'm not a betting person. I have never even purchased a lottery ticket in the course of my life, never been to Vegas, don't play bingo.

As stated before, happy thoughts, good vibes, friendly hugs are all being accepted and will be appreciated. If you, too, are being toppled by the end of the semester, or even by non-school stress, I will happily reciprocate.

n e e d t o s t o p t y p i n g - o u c h ! ! !

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