Wednesday, December 11, 2002


I made time in my writing schedule today to have a phone conversation with my dad. I shouldn't have bothered. I've got enough to do right now without trying to explain academia, grants, research assistantships, and so on to my dad. I tell him something I'm really excited about, and he says, "oh. that's nice." I should know better, but I still expect a little enthusiasm. a bit of parental support. Whatever. The moment I decided not to become a lawyer, a doctor, or some other high-earning, high-status professional, it was all over, as far as he was concerned. What a confidence booster during the end of the semester. Not that I am completely broken up by it: at this stage in my life, I'm used to it, and I am just irritated.

I have good friends, a super-supportive sister, a phenomenal husband, and a pretty understanding mom. All in all, life's pretty good.

back to the writing.

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