Monday, December 02, 2002


Medical update: My MRI came back looking good - no obvious tears or rotator cuff damage. This is mostly good - I say mostly because it means no trips to the orthopedist, and no surgery, but what it does mean is intensive physical therapy. At least a month's worth of hands-on work with a therapist, twice a week, beginning one week from today (and who knows how much in-home, daily work I'll be doing - that plus the aerobic exercise I have been tryong to stick with, and I will be working out for hours each day). Ugh - I really do not have time for this at the very end of the semester! And then winter break gets in the way - I hadn't planned to spend my winter break in PT (in fact, I hadn't planned to spend my break in this state, for the most part). No fun! No fun!

Also weird is the fact that I have all of this shoulder and associated back pain, but I haven't ever really injured myself - I mean, I have strained muscles trying to be a badass and move large pieces of furniture by myself (an apartment with three women - my sis in sixth grade, my mom (who is disabled), and me at eighteen: who do you think got to lift/move the heavy things? If you guessed me, you'd be correct. Laurie: the unofficial "man" of the house.). I also tried to outdo everyone in the "how much can you carry on one tray" competition when I waited tables, But that really doesn't account for the kinds of problems I am having, according to medical experts.

So what caused all of this? Apparently, I am flexible, stuff in my shoulder/back is loose, and I have very little muscle mass to support all of my stupid loose joints. So, it's going to be upper body/abdominall/lower back strengthening and conditioning for me. I actually had an earlier problem with my left hip - kept popping in and out of joint, and the NP I saw for that said a very similar thing: too much loosness, probably some (irreversible) stretching in the ligament, basically nothing that can be done for it. Of course, the doctor I saw today did say that, should therapy fail to address my concerns, an orthopedist may reccoment elective surgery to go in and tighten things up - but this is really not a great option.

And here I thought flexibility was a good thing.

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