Monday, December 09, 2002


My email is on crack. Outlook keeps on telling me I have new mail when I don't. or reports eight new messages when I have three. ???

Other gripes: tagboard seems to be down for the count. grrr!

In better news, PT was better than I expected. I like the therapist - liked his more holistic approach to therapy, and his insistence on my understanding what he was doing/saying/reccommending, and why. His recommendations for exercises seemed reasonable, and he suggested I do the exercises until I began to feel signs of fatigue - said set numbers and rigorous schedules weren't his style. Well, they're not mine, either! Now I just have to out and buy one thing - a ball of some sort - he had me using what looked like a pint-sized foursquare ball for one exercise - place the ball between my palm and the wall and rotate. Reminded me very much of the Karate Kid - "wax on, wax off."

I have two presentations to work on and a lit review to write and rework. I'm working for a bit on my presentation then going to visit Eric at work and get paninni and maybe a soy latte *sigh* the new favorite form of caffeine. All the jolt, none of the bellyache, and even some good-for-you stuff in the soy milk. How cool would it be if coffee were good for you? Oh, I'd be in heaven (probably with an acid ulcer and the caffeine jitters, but hey!).

Can I nap before going to Barnes and Noble? No? Well, I thought I would ask, at least.

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