Thursday, December 05, 2002


So, everyone's posting Christmas wish lists on blogs all over the place. Maybe I should follow suit? Or maybe not - Eric and I don't really celebrate Christmas, mainly because we aren't particularly enamored of organized religion as a whole, and it seems a little silly to celebrate Christmas if you don't really affiliate yourself with Christianity. Just my/our perspective. Of course, the holiday season is about more than Christmas, and it is nice to participate in the sharing of happines, joy, compassion for others, etc that goes on at this time of year (although the last time I went to visit Eric at work in the Mall of Americas, it was really disturbing to see how many holiday shoppers were not sharing any of the above sentiments - they were grouchy, rude, nasty - hardly anyone was smiling). And it's always nice to get and give stuff. So . . . in no particular order . . .

My Wish List

1. A bigger memory card for my digital camera.
2. A router, so I can split my current broadband connection between the desktop pc and the laptop mac.
3. books. if they are about technology and cuture, fairy tales, peer-to-peer, or intellectual property, I'll read them.
4. a new power cord for my printer. it's sitting on my desk with no power source - really useful.
5. a scanner.
6. bedclothes - need new bedspread, sheets, etc. preferably in some pattern that will show minimal amounts of kitty hair from our two tri-colored monsters.
7. software of various types - including a new OS for the desktop. Windows ME bites the big one, especially if the computer running ME is using a non-intel chip. also would be cool to have a graphics/imaging software package of some type.
8. An appointment with a massage therapist. Physical therapy may be good for my shoulder, but I think a massage would be good for body and soul!
9. Scrabble. The set I have now is older than me and is missing tiles.
10. Duckie bathroom stuff from Target. I've got the toothbrush holder and shower curtain, but wouldn't mind some of the other duckie-themed accessories.
11. Other duckie stuff - rubber duckies, stuffed animals, candles, watever.
12. Sparkly things. Preferably of the silver sparkly or irridescent sparkly variety.
13. They Might Be Giants stuff: new releases I don't have, old releases I don't have/have managed to lose, t-shirts, just about anything. More than anything I want to get something autographed by both Johns (hey, this is a WISH LIST!), even though I know this is highly, highly unlikely.

(the last four on the list represent my silly obsessions: They Might Be Giants, anything sparkly/shiny or ducky - though I prefer cute yellow ducks, with which I have been moderately obsessed since, wow, junior high school. might as well say forever! come to think of it, I've been obsessed with TMBG for about the same length of time.)

I also have a lot of intangible things I'd like. Here's a few: I'd like to keep in touch with friends, I'd like to get good grades (hey, Santa! That's the biggie!), and so on.

And finally, I'd like a lot of things for other people.

I'd like for my mom to have a phone that worked well and reliably, since it is her main source of contact with the outside world (in a world where I was more financially secure, I'd be wishing for a souped-up, voice-activated, internet-connected computer for her, but the phone's a more reasonable and more feasible wish).
I'd like for certain members of my family, and some friends, as well, to have to concern themselves less with financial details. Being poor and in debt sucks, as a lot of us know all too well!
I'd like for Eric to have a good job where he was respected and appreciated.

I'm waxing cheesy, so I'll quit here before I start spouting off about the fuzzy intangibles I wish I could give everyone during this holiday season. I'm such a sap sometimes!

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