Monday, December 02, 2002


Ummm - by the way - I was looking over that last post - I sound positively geriatric. Swear I'm 26. OK, I am coming up on 27 but puh-leeze (and I hate putting that inflection on the word but it's how I feel).

I actually just asked the doctor: "So, my Dad wants to take me on a motorcycle trip when I go to visit him for vacation, but I am concerned that, what with the back and soulder, it may not be a good idea, so I told him I would ask when I came in for the MRI results."

What's wrong with this? Maybe that I am 26 and my Dad is - well, he's over 60, 'nuff said. And here am I, asking the doctor to clear me for a road-trip - seems ass-backwards to me. Ok, enough about how I am a weenie. I have better things to be doing - like sending an engagement e-card to friedns from Penn State. Another couple decided to walk the plank! Hope they have as much fun being married as Eric and I do! (btw, no sarcasm intended, there: being happily partnered with a wonderful, loving, goofy individual is, hands down, the best thing about my life)

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