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What follows is actually a post from October 12 - I accidentally published it to an old, no-longer-used blog (updates and announcements for courses I taught at Penn State last year). Anyway, I liked the post and the linked site, so I'm going to go ahead and paste it on in!
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What gets lost in translation? This is a cool site. Insert a chunk of text, and watch as your text is translated back and forth between different languages and English. The end results are amusing, tortured little bits of text. Example:

My orignal text read, "The Internet has never been the utopian space that some people claim it was (or, in some cases, claim it currently is). The Internet was first used for military purposes, and spread to the unversities where scientific and technological research that supported the development of the Internet was taking place. At its inception, the Internet was not even remotely concieved of as a utopian space. In the beginning, it wasn't really even a public space, though there are those who would disagree on this point. What is meant by the previous statment is simply that access to the early Internet was limited by access to computer techology, knowledge of the existence of the Internet, and enough knowledge of how the previous two elements worked together to manage to get yourself online."

After being translated into French, back to English, to German, to English, to Italian, to English, to Portuguese, to English, and Finally to Spanish and back to English one last time, we end up with: "The Internet never was visionary of the zone that the objection of a certain age he (or, you determine the cases, condition inside that you are at the moment). Estêve of the Internet used the hour for him before the military objects and of the propagation you (atomizaton) with unversities this, in those the scientist and the technological search, that the development of the Internets supported, happens. With the relative beginning that the Internet was not distant concieved in date one to equal utopista of the zone. In the beginning a general zone was not really uniform, occurs exactly, that he would be in the contradiction in this point. What meaning of statment, that one precedes, is simple soon that the entrance to the Internet through the entrance to techology the calculation, that was limited knowledge of the existence of the Internets and the knowledge in the direction, where both elements which they precede the totality of the works you, the end to consider itself sufficient, in the line to stop above."

And I thought academic syntax was tortured - this is really bad!

See? That was worth re-posting, wasn't it?

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