Tuesday, December 17, 2002


You know, there seems to be a number of people in the blogging community (at least that I have encountered) trying to "lose weight." For those that are, I offer the following link: Understanding Your Body Fat Percentage

I have been on a bit a of a health kick since I moved here - only a bit of one because I still smoke, and my diet could still improve :) Anyway, I, like a lot of women, have this perception that I'm a little rounder than I should be. I have seen enough people struggle with eating disorders, and I know enough about body composition, to be really cautious about saying, "I want to lose weight." That's really just not true. I want to lose fat and increase muscle. But it is still nice to assess progress in some way, so I went to Target and bough a scale a few months ago. This was kind of a hard decision, since we have not, with good reason, had a scale in the house for years - long enough that I can't even remember in which past apartment bathroom I last saw a scale on the floor.

I ended up blowing the extra cash to get a scale that would actually tell me something useful: one that measures weight as well as body fat. What I discovered in October, when I got the scale, is that, according to national standards, I was actually on the borderline between the fitness and acceptable ranges. Wow. And now, about 6 1/2 weeks later, I have dropped a few percentage points, though my body weight itself hasn't changed all that much. Lesson? Weight doesn't mean a whole lot.

Anyway, I found this page tonight (I was looking for a table that broke down levels of health according to fat %). The little blurb about the woman who weighs 130 and wants to lose 20 pounds got me thinking: how realisitic have me weight goals been during my adult life? Well, I did the same calculations they showed for the hypothetical woman and figured out that my goals have been fairly unrealistic.

At the low end of the athlete scale, I'd weigh 124, close to my usual "I'd like to weigh" goal of 125, which I really thought was reasonable. It's not. I'd have to maintain a serious, rigorous exercise scedule to (healthily) drop to that weight and, well, the truth is I really can't see that happening! I'm not an athlete. I'm 26 and probably in better shape now than I have been since about high school, mainly because I shoot for aerobic exercise three times a week. I do some leg weights every once in a while. I'll probably never weigh 125 and you know what? That's really ok with me. I could still drop a few pounds, but this page only goes to prove that, really, even if I didn't, I'm in an ok range. Goal now is to drop a few percentage points, or stay at the level I am currently at.

Anyway, for anyone out there in the process of shaping up, be healthy and realisitic. Please? Ok, thanks for putting up with me!

Back to statistics . . . more procrastination-inspired blogging to come, I'm sure! :)

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