Saturday, January 04, 2003


And one last thought before I head off to work: my local phone service has been stalking me. They're trying to get me to upgrade my service so I have ten features instead of three. Hell, I really don't even need three. Just call waiting, that's all I want! Anyway, the competing local phone services are also stalking me. It's getting old, and quickly.

More than just the repeated phone calls, however, I am getting very irritated that the telemarketers pretty universally assume (since the phone is listed under the names of two people) that I am not authorized to deal with phone decisions. They ask to speak to my husband, or some other only slightly less blatant thing. This guy today asked to speak to either one of us. I said, "I'm Laurie." So he asks if I am authorized to make decisions. I told him, a bit tersely, that I was the one who had set up the phone service. So he says, "Oh, so you're both authorized to make changes?" Argh! Well, yeah, at least I think so (see case below), but the phone service has always been my thing: I'm in charge of it, I make the decisions about it, and I usually pay the phone bill.

Compare with: woman who wouldn't even tell Eric how much our phone bill was when he called to make a payment by phone. Why? Because he wasn't authorized. Because he didn't set up service. Generalizing is always bad, but I'm really annoyed at male telemarketers who assume the "woman of the house" isn't in charge of decisions about water, phone, power, cable, or ISP bills. Did it just turn 2003, or have we moved backwards somehow, into the era where it was commonly assumed women were incapable of balancing checkbooks, and therefore couldn't have them? *whew* Sorry, every once in a while I need to vent!

Oh, and hey: for those who think feminism sucks or the need for such action is over, this is one small indiciation that there's still a lot left to be done.

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