Friday, January 03, 2003


Good morning! I am on my way to a doctor's appointment (does this sound familiar to anyone?). I hate AM appointments, but I really did try for an afternoon slot this time and they were booked for perpetuity.

Anyway, my blogging has been less than inspired, or inspiring, since I got back from CA. Not sure why. I'm still very *blah* after the whole LA experience.

I think my mission for today will be to go through my Death Valley pictures, pick a few, shrink them down to manageable sizes, and post them up here. I got a few really cool ones, though I also discovered that the auto setting on my camera deals poorly with sunsets, and I don't know enough about photography to set everything manually. Also, pictures from moving vehicles turned out pretty funky. :)

Yeah. But first I have to get to my appointment on time. I'm pushing it right now . . .

- posted by laurie @ 1/03/2003 06:47:00 AM
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