Saturday, January 04, 2003


I'm up pretty early for me on a Sunday morning. In the process of caffeinating. I have been poking a bit on IMDB while doing so. I was checking out the top 50 lists of films by genre, and made an interesting discovery: according to user votes on IMDB, The Blues Brothers is the 27th best musical. Weird. I had never thought of it quite fitting into that genre before. There are very few points where the actors burst into song in order to further the plot.

By the way, South Park was number 29.Spice World is number 10 on the Bottom 10 Musicals list. Cannibal! the Musical didn't make either list, and neither did the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Those are two of my personal favorite musicals. Also interesting to note, Cannibal! actually has a higher rating than Rocky Horror. Slightly weird.

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