Tuesday, January 28, 2003


Off to Psych of Language again. It's snowing again, and I betcha I'll be late. This has got to got to stop.

Running late because I was reading MeFi, Slashdot, and some more traditional sources of news. Found some good, funny stuff that I'd blog if I had an extra 10 minutes!

A report from the referrer logs: frank abignale

I'll probably be hit #1 on most search engines instead of 3 or 4. Really, there have been a bunch of visitors looking for info on this guy, and they've landed here since I commented on a NYTimes article about the DiCaprio movie based on this guy. It's strange that there aren't more (and more relevant) links out there!

Finally, a weather update: besides snowing, it's 27. Downright balmy. Yay!

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