Sunday, January 26, 2003


Said I'd do something mindless. This ended up being bloghopping, of course. So, I have got to share a few things I found/refound while poking. I was looking at my ratings on Eatonweb and bloghop. Finally had enough people rate me to get a listing in the "best of" and I was off to look-see what page I was on (I think it's like 8 or 9) when I encountered the listing for Scaryduck. Considering my long-lasting infatuation with all things litlle, yellow and ducky, I had to check the site out. Not too bad, and there are some cute duck pictures on the site. The author has some cool links on the left sidebar. Memepool is cool link number one. The other link is to this flash animation that just cracked me up last year. My sister sent me the link, I sent it to someone else, and before long, everyone in the department was giggling about this. If "spicy brains" doesn't mean anything to you, you have to check this out! And after that, watch "If Mittens ruled the world."

- posted by laurie @ 1/26/2003 05:21:00 PM
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