Sunday, January 19, 2003


Vacation pictures! I threatened to post some Death Valley pictures earlier, and since I recntly returned from vacation #2, I figured it's time to post up a few vacation photos. Eventually I think I'll make a little gallery and put a link on here somewhere, but not today!

Ok, picture #1 is from the trip to Death Valley: my dad and I reached the lowest point in the U.S., Badwater, at sunset. It was absolutely beautiful: the sunset reflected in the brackish pools, the reflection off the salt flats.

At the end of my trip to California, on the very last day, I got to have breakfast with Lindsay, one of my best friends. Our travel plans conflicted this trip, but at least we did get to see one another!

Eric and I took so many pictures and had so much fun in the Bahamas that picking one picture to put up here is really difficult, but here's a pic of the two of us with Mom and Dad:

I might throw some more pictures up later, but I have to get going now!

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