Saturday, January 04, 2003


*yawn* Have I told you yet that the zyban is, I believe, starting to work? My cigarette consumption has already been reduced, and I really am not that thrilled with the few cigarettes I do have each day.

It is also having some undesireable effects, however. I am so sleepy all the time. And I think part of the reduced pleasure of smoking comes from the worst-ever case of drymouth. Yum.

Official quit date is Jan. 10. I'll be in the Bahamas. I am hoping the setting, the fresh air, and the non-smoking in-laws will all be positive influences.

In the meantime, I have fifty bazillion (yes I sound five, but that's how many there are, I swear!) things to do before I catch a flight at 6:10 am on Tuesday. 6:10, with a suggested check-in time of ninety minutes to two hours before that. There won't even be any coffee places open in the airport when we arrive. How miserable.

But I am leaving the Twin Cities area for ten days in the Bahamas, so I guess my room to complain in marginal, at best.

I must get back to work. Must work until the zyban renders me comatose.

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