Sunday, March 30, 2003


Be frightened by the readings on this page: :: How many ways has Clear Channel sucked today?

Linked from The Bitter Shack of Resentment

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Saturday, March 29, 2003


Lindsay's post about New York made me get very nostalgic, but also reminded me of exactly how important that portion of my life was - both then and now. Less than a year, but the brief months that the two of us spent in the city spun both of us off the beaten paths I have a feeling we were otherwise headed for, and toward the lives we lead now.

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Have you ever written a blog post only to realize that, while it says exactly what you mean, you can't post it? Some things were meant to go in the paper journal, and not the online one. Perhaps I should look into paper journals, but those who are near and dear to me know that, for all that I seem to be addicted to blogging, I can't keep a paper journal to save my life. I don't get on well with paper-based communications technologies.Anyway, there wasn't anything scandalous or mean-spirited in the blog post mentioned above, just a lot of thoughts about life, the universe, and everything inspired by some profound birthday-related navel-gazing.

I'm thoroughly exhausted and feeling a little sick to my stomach, for no apparent reason. I'm going to try and stay awake until Eric gets home, but next on my "to-do" list is read an 18-page article for my cogsci class: "Sentence processing in children with early unilateral brain injury." From the journal Brain and Language. Now why, pray tell, would I fear nodding off during this one? The titles of both article and journal are thrilling, provocative, even! At least it's only 18 pages - and the only reading for the class. If I can get this done tonight, I will be all read up for classes until Thursday - and I only have to read for the cogsci class for Thursday, because the other Thursday class has been cancelled. I will still have class on my birthday, but only one. Perhaps after I get out of class on Thursday morning I can go harass Eric at work (but only a bit - the district manager is in town this coming week) and go shopping at the MOA. Origins sent me a happy birthday gift certificate (the only birhtday greetings I have received to date) and it is hanging on the refirgerator, just begging me to go out and use it. And I will - once payday rolls around. CCCC in NYC was fun, but a good way to drive a grad student into the poorhouse. Reminding me, I still haven't done much in the way of a wrteup on NYC and, if nothing else, I have got to tell the ring story. It's funny, but funnier if you know me fairly well and know Canal Street in NYC, as well. That'll be the next blog post, I swear. No, really, I swear!

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One more related story from Al Bawaba: Wave of digital retaliation as Iraq war starts

"The common motivation is anti-war and the different alignments include pro-Islamic sentiment, anti-US/UK/Israel feeling, anti-capitalist protest, humanitarian and environmental concern. The material uploaded to the compromised servers is sympathetic with the plight of Iraq and condemns the US/UK action."

Contrast that with the hacking described in c|net's Pro-U.S. message replaces .

c|net link courtesy of the good folks at Kairosnews.

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Weird. Iraqi War takes toll on internet traffic. This article cites a report that claims a more or less acrotts-the-board reduction in internet traffic based upon site stats for sites that receive more than 15 million page views a day.

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Well, the Terps didn't win last night, but the end of the game was sure exciting! I have yet to see any reports of bad behavior on the part of Terps fans, though there is some coverage of Michigan State fans behaving badly. I am glad to see MD fans aren't being sore losers, rioting or throwing flaming dorm furniture out the windows, as they did a few years ago. I find it appalling that fans can behave in such a way when a team makes it into one of the last few rouhds of the NCAA tournament. To even get there means your team is great and has had a good season. Rioting seems to me to be an affront to all they have achieved during the regualr season.

Well, now that the Terps are out of it, I can stop being a sports fan. At least until next March!

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Friday, March 28, 2003


Terps Take On Spartans In Third Straight Sweet 16 Appearance :: No. 6 seed Maryland faces seventh-seeded Michigan State at approximately 8:57 CST in San Antonio.

Go Terps!

Once a year, during basketball season only, I turn into a sports fan (Eric astutely points out that reactions like mine are why the tournament is called "March Madness"). Last year, of course, was especially exciting for me, being a UMD alumna. Had to go over to a freind's house to watch the game (since TV is nonexistent in this house), but it was completely worth it!

I'm going to have to figure out a way to see the game tonight! Investing in bunny ears sounds good . . .

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MSN typo:
"Marines targeted
US forces run gantlet while keeping supply lines open"

Center content area, top right. Nice.

**edit: later in the day, of course, I decided to crack open the dictionary. It's an acceptable alternate spelling. Whoops!**

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There's almost always someone who can say it better. Thos blogologie post really does come fairly close to describing my recent new york experience:
"As fate would have it, bombs fell on the night before the opening of the CCCCs in Manhattan. The following day, one could not help but note the strong presence of U.S. Military personnel throughout Times Square, patrolling the subways, keeping watch. I am absolutely grateful for the protection these people offer, but I wonder whether we will ever again experience New York without the shadow of attack hovering over the city. My first visits to New York as a teenager were characterized by almost limitless freedom. Nobody was about to stop you from doing anything, and this was not entirely positive, but it was thrilling. Now this spectacular urban landscape is marked by fear. As I watch our various wars unfold, it is hard for me to envision a point somewhere in the future where New York will not feel that it faces the possibility of attack."

New York has a distinctly different feel now than it did when I lived there, in 1994 and 1995, at least in my opinion. People are nicer, but that's not quite the right word. New Yorkers are famous for being rude, but I think that's a myth. People in New York aren't necessarily rude, but rather are kind of self-protective: there are a lot of people living on the little island of Manhattan. Count the other boroughs, and the sea of humanity is overwhelming. The difference for me was that people seemed more involved and engaged, there seemed to be a bit more connection between people on the streets. I won't go as far as to say that we now have a kinder, gentler new york, but I'm not sure it's a place where one could bleed to death on the street while strangers pass only inches away.

It's strange that the difference is palpable in New York, but in D.C. it seems less so. There are new traffic patterns in D.C. and barricades, as well. Even with the sniper attacks and the tractor protest (you have to read about this guy!), things seem less changed there than in new york. Then again, the DC area is my home, so perhaps I have more invested in it not being different.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003


I skipped a day of posting, and haven't written up the NYC trip yet. Whoops! I am busy, though, and I will get around to it! :) Anyway, I just wanted to hop online very quickly and say . . . I have an idea! Perhaps a dissertation-worthy idea! I was getting a bit frightened, because I had this rock-solid idea before I started the program at UMN, and then, as usual, my interests exploded, my reading lists expanded, and my lit searches seemed to be going further and further afield from my cozy home in rhetoric. Now I am back, I think, and sfirnly grounded. Whoopee!

Now, to go prep for a presentation on survey research. Blargh.

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Monday, March 24, 2003


I love this Methuselah's Daughter post. The green-eyed ex-redhead ex-smoker that I am now loves the nostalgia and sensuality evoked by this post. What a find!

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nyCCCC pictures (sort-of). Some pictures of the current and former PSU group. Aren't we cute?

I am getting around to writing a post about the whole DC-NYC-conference thing, but it'll have to wait until tonight. As usual, I am running late and in need of doing 1,001 things before class. Spring break? What break? Ugh.

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Un-be-lievable. futurefeedforward: Wal-Mart Opens First 'All You Can Live' Township.

what is this world coming to? How freaky! Wal-mart towns, where the city hall and the distribution center merge. Total inventory awareness, and all the cheetos you can eat. This reminds me of corporate enclaves I have read about in so many scifi/cyberpunk novels. . . yuk.

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A different kind of war blog: Where is Raed ? is written by a person inside of Iraq. Very interesting reading.

Link from Who Needs

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Monday, March 17, 2003


Writing from a friend's computer, which I have rudely hogged for the last few hours. Spring break is rockin' - mostly. I have had a ton of fun with my sister, and with Susan, too. Got to see mom twice in two days, and managed to take a picture where neither one of us was making stupid, stupid faces.

Leave tomorrow for nyCCCC. Thus ends one stage of the Spring Break TavelFest 2003 and begins the next.

Tomorrow I must consume a Guinness to make up for not doing so tonight. It's St. Patrick's Day! Hope you had a good one.

I gotta go to bed. Must get up and repack, and then make it to the post office to9 mail back presents I soimply have no room to tote to NYC on the train. I love my aunt, but really, I have no way to transport her generous gifts on train, via subway, in taxi, and on plane all over the east coast and back to the midwest again.


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Thursday, March 13, 2003


*yawn* I am doing laundry and transferring computer files from the desktop to the laptop. I'm leavin' on a jetplane :) at 10:25 in the AM. Not super-early, but not mid-afternoon, either. No guarantees about online access while staying with my sister, hanging out with Susan, or bumming around CCCC in NYC (or nyCCCC - cute, huh?)

Few comments/rants:

I can't wait to be back in nyc, but I am apprehensive, too. New York was a place I lived and learned and loved in for a brief but key period in my personal development (and my bestest friend was there with me, through thick and thin!). I'd never be the person I am now had I not lived on ramen and worked for Greenpeace at the age of 18. That was a while ago, but there is a part of me that is still that 18-yer-old girl, ignorant and broke, arriving in NYC with a best friend and a collection of nine bags between the two of us. This trip will be, I believe, the longest period of time I have been back in new york since moving away on a very sad and emotional day in late January of 1995. God, did I cry - all the way to D.C., and then at random sniffly little intervals across the southern portion of the united states. It's unreal, that it was so long ago - I can still taste the burnt sweet of the concessions in the subway stations, and can still smell the cold air whipping around the corners on 59th street, flying under and around the queensboro bridge, into our unheated, overpriced shoebox apartment. It was the best and worst time of my life, really.

Ok, the other one's the semi-rant - well, it was supposed to be before I waxed nostalgic (hey, I'm tired, and I was on campus until 11 tonight, after approximately NO sleep last night). How in the hell can I have a rating of 76% on, a decent rqating overall, and have only 2 stars on Eatonweb, a pretty abysmal rating? Huh? 'Splain me, someone.

Ok, I gotta finish packing. Um, start packing. Wait, the laundry needs to be done first. Hell. Sleep's for the weak and the dead, right? Keep going this way, I'll be the former, then the latter. Blargh!

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New goo from the referrer logs.

Number three for this one:

Google Search: "my anxiety attacks" weblog


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From the cccc-ip mailing list:
Copyright Colloquium

Will need to look into more after papers, meeting, class, ATTW, laundry. plane, D.C., spring break.

At that point, will resume use of pronouns and increase use of polysyllabic words.

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Can I have an order of Freedom Fries with that?

Via Kara

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Via Imaginary Magnitude: FQS 3(2) Using Technology in the Qualitative Research Process

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Slashdot | Convergence of P2P and Grid Predicted "From the proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS'03), "On Death, Taxes, and the Convergence of Peer-to-Peer and Grid Computing" compares the two current popular incarnations of distributed computing technology, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Grid Computing. It also predicts the convergence of the two technologies: "The complementary nature of the strengths and weaknesses of the two approaches suggests that the interests of the two communities are likely to grow closer over time." This paper is worth reading if you want to clear up the marketing cloud that surrounds these two technologies and sometimes makes them hard to distinguish."

Cross-posted at emergence

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All rightie, I am off to exercise and finish my reading about "The neurocognition of syntactic pocessing." At the same time. I wish I was a kinesthetic learner, but I am not, not, not. I know learning styles can change over time, but I wonder - can you induce a change in learning style? I should ask Amy - maybe she'd know!

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Do you need a blog disclaimer? Well, here's one that is readily available for you to use:READ ME.

Me, personally, I think this disclaimer is silly in many of its requests, suggestions, demands, warnings, and so on. Hey, bloggers, you put your life out there? People will do with it what they will. Really. Want exes, parents, and former friends to stay away from your weblog and your personal life? Keep a diary, in a book, with a lock. Hide it under your mattress or in your unmentionables drawer. Don't "hide" it online. C'mon, people! I mean, you have the right to request that people not be assholes, as this disclaimer does, but you have no reason to assume that an asshole will never visit your site.

My disclaimer would be something along the lines of, "if you use something of mine, it would be nice if you said so somewhere on your site. If not, email a thank-you or think a good thought my way. If you email or IM and get no reply, sorry, I am probably busy. But you're welcome to try again. Don't harass me - and if you do, don't expect me to reply to you or be overly civil ever again. If I have mortally offended you somehow, you can let me know. I may or may not remove the offending material, depending on whether or not I think it's over the top and in poor taste."

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Arrogant? Presumptuous? War not yet declared, US firms bid for Iraq reconstruction.

Doubts left in your mind?

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Blogging as public discourse? Ab-so-lutely. Quintilian on the orator, and John Logie on Quintilian (in that order) from blogologie:
" 'This exhortation of mine, however, is not de-signed to intimate that I should wish the orator to be a philosopher, since no other mode of life has withdrawn itself further from the duties of civil society, and all that concerns the orator. Which of the philosophers, indeed, ever fre-quented courts of justice, or distinguished himself in public assemblies? Which of them ever engaged even in the management of political affairs on which most of them have given such earnest precepts? But I should desire the orator, whom I am trying to form, to be a kind of Roman wise man, who may prove himself a true statesman, not by discussions in retirement, but by personal experience and exertions in public life'

Quintilian's slam on philosophers is, perhaps, a touch overstated, but the challenge he sets for orators is reasonable: get in the mix."

I think Quintilian's slam on philosophers isn't that off the mark, actually: it reminds me of the Ivory Tower charge often made against academics. Does blogging help us eggheads (no offense meant to dear friends and colleagues) jump out of the Ivory Tower window and land on our feet in the midst of a crowd of activists? Welllll, maybe it will, maybe it won't. But I think it is certainly a pathway or outlet for those inclined to "get in the mix."

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I love the Guerilla Girls!

Image, and more information, at the Village Vioce: Bush's War on Women, Part Two:The Myth of Progress" by Richard Goldstein. Also check out Part One: Stealth Misogyny

Got the link to the first article from Kara

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I'm on Siva Vaidhyanathan's Weblog. Nifty, huh?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2003


OK. I think I am relatively satisfies with my template. Between me creating a template and blogger being a pain in the butt, it took a while. But I am satisfied!

Tomorrow I'll fix the archive page and do a little tightening/rearranging.

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Still testing the new template - tweaking - sorry for any weirdness that may arise!

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Arrgh! borwsers and platforms. Grrrr!

Ok, so, at the moment, this site is best viewed on a Mac with IE - netscape loads funny at the bottom of the page, least on my machine. Also looks ok w/ Mozilla and Netscape on my PC, but is funny-looking (as far as the center content box goes) in IE.

All versions need larger font. Thanks, I'm aware! Oh, yeah, and archives are a no-go for the moment, but blogger users should be used to it, right?

I can't believe I spent the evening redoing my template. Really, you'd think I had nothing better to do.

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I hate my Psych of Language class. Even when I try to engage with the material in that class, and I mean try really, really hard, it just doesn't work. I tried to ask the prof a question today after class that I was too timid to ask at the end of the last class, and he basically insulted me, implied I hadn't read the article, then implied I hadn't understood the article, and acted as if my question was stupid. When pressed, hoever, he admitted he didn't know the answer. The professor is actually a nice person and fairly sympatethetic to my complete ousider status, but the longer this semester drags on, the more frustrated I get with this class overall.


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There are changes afoot. The tag-board, blogroll, and other things coming back later. I had to do something, though, and the template I was working on last night got all fubared when my laptop crashed (yeah, it does that a lot).

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Need coffee. Then to class to discuss words and pseudowords and neural activation. I'm looking forward to this class being over.

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Monday, March 10, 2003


Oh, one more thing: couch.

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Another one: MemexSim: The Memex Simulator

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A Memex link: As We May Think and Memex: Future of the World Wide Web

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Well, I got the conference proposal in. I think, however, that it was rougher than it should have been. I can't worry about it too much right now, though. BUT - I would love to have an excuse to go back to Toronto (hey Linz - maybe we could meet up there!)

So, out of all the things I listed in my last post, I accomplished one. Well, I called Grandma, too, but my dad had taken her out, and it's now past grandma bedtimes, even for those who live on the west coast, with a two-hour time difference. I feel like a heel. No card, and not even a call. I'll have to try and catch her tomorrow. And maybe I'll mail a card, too. Better late than never, right?

Oh, I thought about putting the proposal up here, but then I rethought that thought - if the paper gets accepted, maybe then I will post it up. You know, the submission page threatened feedback on every abstract. I know this is theoretically a good thing, but if my paper proposal got rejuected, I am not sure I'd want to hear why the reviewer(s) rejected me.

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*yawn* the presentation's done, the response paper for class tomorrow's mailed (ok, a bit late, but . . . ). I am hungry and sleepy, need to call my grandma and tell her happy 90th birthday (!!!!), finish my AOIR proposal, work out (before the 10 PM curfew imposed by by downstairs neighbors - who banged on their celinig because I walked across my apartment floor at 12:30 last night), and get in bed early enough to make it to class tomorrow morning. Blech. I am so completely looking forward to leaving town on Friday (wish Eric could come, though), but I have so very much to do before then. Ick. And even so, vacationing at a conference isn't my idea of a blast. I will enjoy speidning a few days with the little sister, the mom, and the Susan-friend in D.C., though. I wish I could get home more frequently. I like my family, and I miss them - especially now that my sister and I are old enough to be friends with one another instead of fighting all the time.

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From Who Needs Oxygen Dot Net - USB-compatible electric toothbrush.

What? WHAT? I mean, really, why? Who thinks of these things?

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. . . and by the way, though I have been threatening for a looong time to redo my template, I really am going to have to now. My blog crashed my iBook like three times last night. Not sure why, but that seems to indicate to me that I need to simplify, and stop messing with things I don't have the time or inclination to fix (tweaking js and so on . . . )

Maybe this evening I'll whip me up a new template.

I have a cool idea. We'll see how it actually works on the screen - what looks cool in my mind's eye very well might look like crap on the monitor.

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I'm working on this presentation on infoAnarchy for a class. The presentation is today. The infoAnarchy site is, if you haven't been there, very interesting! Lots of good stuff going on - commenting, user-submitted stories, a wiki, journals, all kinds of good stuff. I have been a member since the summer, I think. I signed up for IA and K5 at the same time, but haven't posted stories or participated that much. Maybe as I get more into IP and online work (or get back into it, anyway), I'll feel more secure and be more involved.

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Sunday, March 09, 2003


Ok, so that worked out poorly. Only one computer at a time. The desktop freaked out with the USB connection to the cable modem, and the laptop slowed and sloowed and sslloooooowwwwwweeeeeedddd until it finally froze and I had to force quit. But at least the laptop is configured in such a way that I can get online relatively easily, though crawling under the desk might be necessary.

And I'll have to buy a router after all.

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Ha! I Just got my Mac online for the first time in a very long time. Will be nice to have my little laptop connected, instead of having to rely on the crappy PC. Now to test my plan . . . to see if I can use one cable modem to connect two computers to the Internet without a router . . . report later!

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Lindsay's got a blog! Yay! Check her out at Sassylittlepunkin - Tragic to some, gratifying to Others

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'K. nevermind. maybe they shouldn't. I coundn't fix the prob. Anyone have advice for getting around/fixing the "not quite ready to be published" error? If so, lemme know - email or IM, or tag on the board, or leave a comment, or . . . put a message in a bottle - or wrap a not around a rock and toss it my way.

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Blogger should pay me. Once again, I am helping a friend troubleshoot blogger's stupid issues since blogger help is down and writing support accomplishes jack for free users.

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Jay over at Musings from the Underground writes about another button-pusing topic in Diet Nature: diet sodas. This is a hobby horse I ride from time to time. NutraSweet and other artificial sweetners are, in my opinion - and according to some literature I have read, really bad for you.

Links I have seen cited: migraines, birth defects, reproductive disorders, and some unpleasant brain-related problems. It's been a while since I read research, but maybe I will go adventuring on the web for credible sources a bit later on.

Specifically on the diet soda issue, I have made two personal choices, both based on healt and simple preference:
1) I don't drink diet sodas. They do not taste good, and they have a terrible aftertaste.
2) I very rarely drink soda of any type. Soda is a nutritionally devoid substance, and actually can leach minerals out of your body. Also, sodas fit into the weird "I won't consume" category I made up a few years ago: I won't eat or drink substances containing high-fructose corn syrup when given a choice. The corn syrup sweetness makes my mouth feel terrible, really disgusting.

All right, now that everyone knows I have weird food neuroses, I am going to go hide for a little bit . . .

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Question: What do you do with the Nigerian scam emails? Do you just delete them? I reply back saying there's been all kinds of coverage of the scam in major print and online newspapers, and that it's time to find a new one. I just got one offering me a share of "Twnety Five Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars." Sweet, isn't it, that Dr. Mustafah Muhammed would think to share all that cash with me?

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Good morning. It is 9:40 on Sunday, and I have been up for over an hour. Voluntarily. I guess such things happen when you go to bed early, but the novelty just hasn't worn off yet. My mom would probably have a heart attack if she knew I voluntarily surfaced from the pile of covers and pillows that is my bed before 10:30 or 11 in the morning. And if my dad had called at 8:30 or 9 as he used to do on a regular basis (and then he got a cranky lecture one morning - now he knows better), I'd have been up and relatively chipper.

Small niftiness for the blog (like it needs more bells, whistles, and doo-dads): I figured out and then added the "IM Me" link. Really, I was ringsurfing and found the necessary little snippet on Milla's site. Check out her bio - love the taste in music! Many of the bands I like, and she's got the Johns on there. Anyone who likes TMBG is ok in my book!

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Saturday, March 08, 2003


Not only does Dave Barry have a blog, but he has (of course) great content, including a link to this story about Twiggy the skiing squirrel and his mom/trainer, Lou Ann Best. Here's a winderful quote form the story:

"Over 24 years, she [Lou Ann] and the various Twiggies have done hundreds of shows. 'I've been to Paris, France, I've been to Bermuda, I've been all over the United States and Canada.'
The show stopped only when Chuck [Lou Ann's husband] died in 1997. He dived off his boat to save his stepfather from drowning. He saved the old man but suffered a heart attack and died."
" 'I was devastated,' Lou Ann says. 'I quit doing the shows for months. But then I got calls from Sports Illustrated and the Wall Street Journal and a lot of boat shows. I thought maybe the Lord is telling me he wants me to keep going.' "
"So she went back on the road with Twiggy -- it was Twiggy No. 4 by then -- dressing the squirrel in a tiny lifejacket and adding a plea for water safety to the performance."
" 'Twiggy's gonna be the Smokey the Bear of water safety,' Best says. 'Maybe the next president or the next Billy Graham will be saved because Twiggy taught him to use a lifejacket.' "

God, skiing squirrels, water safety, and the salvation of the next televangelist. And you actually read about it in the Washington Post.

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Dave Barry has a blog*spot blog. Cool.

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I was wandering around the Weblogging Women webring (of which I am a pending member) and found a little "quote of the Day" inspiring quote on a woman's blog. Out of sheer curiosity, I clicked on the quote box to see where it linked to. I ended up at the GrailQuest Industries page. They provide a page of Select Quotations by Emerson, Thoreau, Gandhi, Confucius, Twain and Others. I noticed, however, that the authors on this page were all men, and my feminist buttons got pushed. Who knows, maybe they quote extensively from women, but the point is, the selected quotes page doesn't even suggest that women exist. So I wrote an email. This is it:

I just came across your quote of the day on a weblog as I was browsing a webring.I think it is wonderful to encourage others to take a moment from busy, stressful lives and reflect. Doing this through the use of inspiring quotes from well-known authors and respected thinkers is also a very good idea.

I have done a bit of my own reflecting, and would like to point out one thing to you: your list of authors from whom you provide select quotes is incomplete and biased. There is not a single woman on this list. Perhaps you do include inspiting quotes from women that are not a part of your "selected quotes", but why, then would you not include these?

The world's population is not entirely male, by any stretch of the imagination, and yet, by presenting information as you have, you contribute to a dangerous assumption: that only men are great thinkers, that only men are capable of writing inspiring words, and that only men are important enough to make it onto your "selected quotes" page.

Best wishes,

Laurie A, Johnson

Maybe they don't think it's a big deal. Hell, maybe you don't think it's a big deal. It's not like refusing women the right to vote, rigt? True. But you knoew what? We've won a lot of the big battles. We haven't won a lot of the little ones - the ones that are too small to trifle with individually, but that, taken together, form a kind of cultural substrate. A subtle and subconscious bias against women. I think this is harder to combat. The big battles are over glaring, egregious wrongs. The little battles are over a collection of situations, actions, and instances that lead many people to shrug and say "but who cares?" Fighting an army of ants, swatting at a giant swarm of gnats, something like this. Harder than it looks.

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Miracle of miracles, the template file updated itself sometime between last night and this morning. Now I just have to fix the new banner I have that is too big to fit into the right content box. Oh, joy.

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Friday, March 07, 2003



Well, folks, the annual report I have been working on is . . . done. *whew*Now I can concentrate on things like reading for classes, writing papers, and preparing presnetations (one for class Monday, one for CCCC next week - two weeks from today, actually). But not tonight. Tonight I am going to eat yummy Kettle Chips, have a beer or two, read some blogs and maybe an online newspaper or two, watch a movie, listen to some music. Then I will sleep. Deeply, soundly, and long. Profoundly. With dedication and committment.

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Thursday, March 06, 2003


The don't go there site is a great concept, but the comments are even better. Here's one that crystallizes why I quit smoking, a good thing for me to be reminded of in this high-stress, low-sleep, high-caffeine week (all conditions that trigger that craving for the addiction I'd been nursing for almost eight years . . . )

COMMENTS: "I went to the don't go there site and left without clicking anything. I felt like the design of the place was telling me fairly urgently to click where it said HERE in blue, even though the text itself was compelling enough to convince me to want to participate in the so-hard-to-feel-good-about non-participatory way. I think the feeling was akin to how I feel about smoking and other sensory-reward-based habits--how not lighting up IS good but doesn't FEEL good, what FEELS good is lighting up and taking a drag. And dammit, clicking feels good, even knowing WHERE to click is a little bit of a buzz. So I left feeling better than myself, in a mind-over-matter way, but now I feel like I need some chocolate or something." -CS

Coverage of the Wired story, via this Kairosnews post.

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Blogging from annual-reportsville. In the media lab in the department of rhetoric, compiling, fact-checking, emailing, typing. Just thought I would update the three that are my readers :)

If I don't blog by tomorrow night, come looking for me.

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CNET interviews ALA's Judith Krug in Sex, the Constitution and the Net. CIPA is back in the courts, and ALA is back in the news advocating for choice in the matter. CIPA is a frightening, big-brother idea, but whiat really bothers me about the legislation is the lack of choice. To receive e-rate funding, libraries will have to use filters. Without this funding, Krug points out, many libraries wouldn't have internet connections, and that really angers me.

This isn't about pornography, this legislation is about control of information and manipulation of public access to that information with public funds. And it sickens me!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2003


A kindred site? Memex and Beyond Web Site

Last updated in 99, but has proceedings/abstracts for lots of the early hypertext conferences. I'm kind of sad I missed these. I was in college for many of them, obliviously writing papers on Beowulf, Sir Gawain, T.S. Elliott, and Harriett Beecher Stowe on a circa-1993 toshiba laptop with too little power to run a web browser. And man, was that thing heavy!

Class early. Good night!

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frostymoss-green tea mix beta has the coolest name, tagline, and design I have seen in a while. Very balanced and clean.

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I don't know about this whole audio blogging thing.

audblog : sounding out)

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Check it out: WANDER-LUST.COM -It's how to get web traffic.

Nifty idea. Love to put another cool traffic-generating thingie on my blog but guess what? I can't update my template file. Why? Um, not sure, but I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I use blogger, and blogger has been behaving badly of late.

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What's your blog birthday? When did you first throw your thoughts out into the blogosphere? For me, the date's 11/11/2001. That's the first documented day I had a blog. I think maybe I might have started one a teeny bit before, but the date makes sense (waxing nostalgic warning): I had just returned from the O'Reilly P2P conference, held in early November in Washington, D.C., where I was introduced to Blogger for the first time - mainly through Meg Hourihan's presence on the p2pj panel. Nifty. Of course, I have blogged less during portions of my life, and the general rule is the busier I am, the more I blog, which makes no sense. Kinda like this post. Hey, it's coming up on 9 and I am still at school. I'm goin' home.

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It's not often that a computer glitch makes a person happy. Well, I had one that just about made my day. Made me smile, anyway!

I have response papers due at 8 PM Monday and Wednesday for the scary Psychology of Language (neuropsychology!!!) class I am subjecting myself to. So, me being me and the material being about as clear as mud to someone with no training in the interpretation of neurological data and fMRI or PET imagery, well, let's say that my punctuality issues are surfacing on a frequent basis. Soooooo . . . as I was copying my response paper from Word to webmail, the clock said 8:00, maybe 8:01. NOT as late as I could be, right? But not demonstrating my dedication and willingness to work ahead (hard when one has to read a four-page article four times to get an inkling).

Since webmail is evil and scary and unreliable, I email copies of these papers to myself when I use it. Tonight I was freaking out because I refreshed and rechecked about five times, and my email hadn't come through. I was about to resend, and was thanking those powers that be that I had the foresight to compose in Word, when I notice that my email was actually in my inbox -- with a timestamp of 7:24. :) :) :) Ha! The network likes me tonight, and has decided to make me look good for a change, instead of losing every fifth email I send from my school account. Whaddya think - are there NetGods? If so, how does one go about giving thanks? Oh, this made my night, and now I feel I can actually face the pile of reading and other work I've got to do with a smile.

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Good morning! I need to fly out the door quickly, but I wanted to put up a quick post. Today is going to be busy, but relatively interesting. Two meetings and a lot of working on annual reports and other editorial things, but much of it should be fun.

I only wish I could find my watch. It helps with the punctuality angle if one has a watch. I have a lot of watches: a few need new batteries, one needs some repair work, one is my mother's from her high school graduation and is kind of fragile. But by far, the majority of my watches belong to my cat. The Tybalt-monster loves to chase them, chew them, and then hide them under furniture or large appliances. Most recently, I found him chewing on one of the little leather loops from the watchband - you know, the loops that hold down the strap? Well, he was devouring one from my current watch, which is probably under the refrigerator or in a corner behind the 350 lb. entertainment center piece that Eric and I don't move unless we're moving.

Think I just made myself late. It'd be easier to evaluate if I had a watch.

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Brial Boutique quiotes from Jana at not my dissertation:


"Hello, Janice! So very nice to meet you today! My name is Sissy!"

"Thank you so much for sharing this very special time with me!"

"I only had boy children, so I never got to play dress up with them!"

"Oh, that's a little too risque, don't you think?"(!)

after hearing that the boy is studying theatrical design: "oh, well! isn't that interesting! who knows, maybe he'll be working for Aaron Spelling some day!"

after hearing that i'm studying audiology: "oh! so you want to work with children!"

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(yeah, last post my foot)

funny. read this.

Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction


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Tuesday, March 04, 2003


Last post, swear. Many blogs. different blogging apps. One single interface. :: w.bloggar download ::

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one more before bed: the referrer logs were busy keeping track of visitors while I was on my blogcation. I have discovered the following:
- train wreck searches are still very popular hit generators, and many of them are specific requests for pictures.
- frank abignale is also a leader
- it's weird to see your own name pop up as the search term in the referrer logs. Who's looking for me? Or were they looking for Avengers and Dr. Strangelove composer Laurie Johnson? Or one of the million other L.J.'s on the face of the Earth?
- Non-search traffic is mainly from a few limited places, mainly the blogs of my friends. It's good to have friends.

On that note, the tea's steeped and cooled a bit, and I am yawning profusely. 'night-night.

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Embarrassed. Number eleven for the following:
Search Engine:
Search Words: "reserch proposal"

Hi. I'm in grad school. In a writing-intensive discipline. And I work as an editorial assistant.
. . .
And I make frequent typos.

Well, I may be at the top of the search page, but it's the top of the second search page. :)

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One last thing before heading in the direction of bed with a cup o' chamomile and a book (the last bit of copyrights and copywrongs? or maybe some methods-related reading for 8012?)

Anyway, new blogrolling: Amy's interpretiveAlchemy. Rocks.

One of these days I will redo my template and revise my blogroll in the process!

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This list was up on the grad office wall in my lovely office at Penn State. I *eh-hem* fit all of these but the microfilm/fiche ones. Hey, I may be a geek, but I also know a) that everything you need is online, and b)microfilm.fiche reading results in eyestrain-related migraines.

You just might be a grad student if...
by David McKay at the University of Iowa can analyze the significance of appliances you cannot operate.
...your carrel is better decorated than your apartment. have ever, as a folklore project, attempted to track the progress of your own joke across the Internet. are startled to meet people who neither need nor want to read. have ever brought a scholarly article to a bar. rate coffee shops by the availability of outlets for your laptop.
...everything reminds you of something in your discipline. have ever discussed academic matters at a sporting event. have ever spent more than $50 on photocopying while researching a single paper.
...there is a microfilm reader in the library that you consider "yours." actually have a preference between microfilm and microfiche. can tell the time of day by looking at the traffic flow at the library. look forward to summers because you're more productive without the distraction of classes. regard ibuprofen as a vitamin. consider all papers to be works in progress.
...professors don't really care when you turn in work anymore. find the bibliographies of books more interesting than the actual text. have given up trying to keep your books organized and are now just trying to keep them all in the same general area. have accepted guilt as an inherent feature of relaxation.

More lists here.

From Clancy

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Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?
Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?

heh. From Kara, who always has cool things on her blog.

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Hey, calling all feminist rhetoricians (and/or rhetors): did you think you missed the 2/1 deadline for the Feminism(s) and Rehtoric(s) conference? Well, you didn't. Check out the Feminism(s) & Rhetoric(s) 2003 - Call for Proposals, and note the super extended deadline. I'm going to add that to my list of proposals to get working on this weekend . . .

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Ok, I am not sure what all has been going on out there in the blogosphere/blogland in the last three weeks. I have been under a bit of pressure and hiding from the ocmputer for nonessential purposes. But I think I am kind of back - here for a bit, anyway, I guess. I reeeely, reeeely might just be forced to high-tail it away form blogger after the magic-disappearing-archives incident of today. Ick. I know Clancy lost some, and I did, too, but they appear to be intact now. WTF? Blogger gets bought out by google, and then all hell breaks loose?

Well, I'm back, for anyone who's interested. But I have a billion things to do, one of which is to get my butt to campus bright and frickin' early tomorrow, so I have to go now!


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Testing, testing - can I resume posting yet?

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