Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Do you need a blog disclaimer? Well, here's one that is readily available for you to use:READ ME.

Me, personally, I think this disclaimer is silly in many of its requests, suggestions, demands, warnings, and so on. Hey, bloggers, you put your life out there? People will do with it what they will. Really. Want exes, parents, and former friends to stay away from your weblog and your personal life? Keep a diary, in a book, with a lock. Hide it under your mattress or in your unmentionables drawer. Don't "hide" it online. C'mon, people! I mean, you have the right to request that people not be assholes, as this disclaimer does, but you have no reason to assume that an asshole will never visit your site.

My disclaimer would be something along the lines of, "if you use something of mine, it would be nice if you said so somewhere on your site. If not, email a thank-you or think a good thought my way. If you email or IM and get no reply, sorry, I am probably busy. But you're welcome to try again. Don't harass me - and if you do, don't expect me to reply to you or be overly civil ever again. If I have mortally offended you somehow, you can let me know. I may or may not remove the offending material, depending on whether or not I think it's over the top and in poor taste."

- posted by laurie @ 3/12/2003 12:20:00 PM
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