Thursday, March 06, 2003


The don't go there site is a great concept, but the comments are even better. Here's one that crystallizes why I quit smoking, a good thing for me to be reminded of in this high-stress, low-sleep, high-caffeine week (all conditions that trigger that craving for the addiction I'd been nursing for almost eight years . . . )

COMMENTS: "I went to the don't go there site and left without clicking anything. I felt like the design of the place was telling me fairly urgently to click where it said HERE in blue, even though the text itself was compelling enough to convince me to want to participate in the so-hard-to-feel-good-about non-participatory way. I think the feeling was akin to how I feel about smoking and other sensory-reward-based habits--how not lighting up IS good but doesn't FEEL good, what FEELS good is lighting up and taking a drag. And dammit, clicking feels good, even knowing WHERE to click is a little bit of a buzz. So I left feeling better than myself, in a mind-over-matter way, but now I feel like I need some chocolate or something." -CS

Coverage of the Wired story, via this Kairosnews post.

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