Wednesday, March 05, 2003


Good morning! I need to fly out the door quickly, but I wanted to put up a quick post. Today is going to be busy, but relatively interesting. Two meetings and a lot of working on annual reports and other editorial things, but much of it should be fun.

I only wish I could find my watch. It helps with the punctuality angle if one has a watch. I have a lot of watches: a few need new batteries, one needs some repair work, one is my mother's from her high school graduation and is kind of fragile. But by far, the majority of my watches belong to my cat. The Tybalt-monster loves to chase them, chew them, and then hide them under furniture or large appliances. Most recently, I found him chewing on one of the little leather loops from the watchband - you know, the loops that hold down the strap? Well, he was devouring one from my current watch, which is probably under the refrigerator or in a corner behind the 350 lb. entertainment center piece that Eric and I don't move unless we're moving.

Think I just made myself late. It'd be easier to evaluate if I had a watch.

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