Wednesday, March 05, 2003


It's not often that a computer glitch makes a person happy. Well, I had one that just about made my day. Made me smile, anyway!

I have response papers due at 8 PM Monday and Wednesday for the scary Psychology of Language (neuropsychology!!!) class I am subjecting myself to. So, me being me and the material being about as clear as mud to someone with no training in the interpretation of neurological data and fMRI or PET imagery, well, let's say that my punctuality issues are surfacing on a frequent basis. Soooooo . . . as I was copying my response paper from Word to webmail, the clock said 8:00, maybe 8:01. NOT as late as I could be, right? But not demonstrating my dedication and willingness to work ahead (hard when one has to read a four-page article four times to get an inkling).

Since webmail is evil and scary and unreliable, I email copies of these papers to myself when I use it. Tonight I was freaking out because I refreshed and rechecked about five times, and my email hadn't come through. I was about to resend, and was thanking those powers that be that I had the foresight to compose in Word, when I notice that my email was actually in my inbox -- with a timestamp of 7:24. :) :) :) Ha! The network likes me tonight, and has decided to make me look good for a change, instead of losing every fifth email I send from my school account. Whaddya think - are there NetGods? If so, how does one go about giving thanks? Oh, this made my night, and now I feel I can actually face the pile of reading and other work I've got to do with a smile.

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