Sunday, March 09, 2003


Jay over at Musings from the Underground writes about another button-pusing topic in Diet Nature: diet sodas. This is a hobby horse I ride from time to time. NutraSweet and other artificial sweetners are, in my opinion - and according to some literature I have read, really bad for you.

Links I have seen cited: migraines, birth defects, reproductive disorders, and some unpleasant brain-related problems. It's been a while since I read research, but maybe I will go adventuring on the web for credible sources a bit later on.

Specifically on the diet soda issue, I have made two personal choices, both based on healt and simple preference:
1) I don't drink diet sodas. They do not taste good, and they have a terrible aftertaste.
2) I very rarely drink soda of any type. Soda is a nutritionally devoid substance, and actually can leach minerals out of your body. Also, sodas fit into the weird "I won't consume" category I made up a few years ago: I won't eat or drink substances containing high-fructose corn syrup when given a choice. The corn syrup sweetness makes my mouth feel terrible, really disgusting.

All right, now that everyone knows I have weird food neuroses, I am going to go hide for a little bit . . .

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