Saturday, March 08, 2003


Not only does Dave Barry have a blog, but he has (of course) great content, including a link to this story about Twiggy the skiing squirrel and his mom/trainer, Lou Ann Best. Here's a winderful quote form the story:

"Over 24 years, she [Lou Ann] and the various Twiggies have done hundreds of shows. 'I've been to Paris, France, I've been to Bermuda, I've been all over the United States and Canada.'
The show stopped only when Chuck [Lou Ann's husband] died in 1997. He dived off his boat to save his stepfather from drowning. He saved the old man but suffered a heart attack and died."
" 'I was devastated,' Lou Ann says. 'I quit doing the shows for months. But then I got calls from Sports Illustrated and the Wall Street Journal and a lot of boat shows. I thought maybe the Lord is telling me he wants me to keep going.' "
"So she went back on the road with Twiggy -- it was Twiggy No. 4 by then -- dressing the squirrel in a tiny lifejacket and adding a plea for water safety to the performance."
" 'Twiggy's gonna be the Smokey the Bear of water safety,' Best says. 'Maybe the next president or the next Billy Graham will be saved because Twiggy taught him to use a lifejacket.' "

God, skiing squirrels, water safety, and the salvation of the next televangelist. And you actually read about it in the Washington Post.

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