Tuesday, March 04, 2003


Ok, I am not sure what all has been going on out there in the blogosphere/blogland in the last three weeks. I have been under a bit of pressure and hiding from the ocmputer for nonessential purposes. But I think I am kind of back - here for a bit, anyway, I guess. I reeeely, reeeely might just be forced to high-tail it away form blogger after the magic-disappearing-archives incident of today. Ick. I know Clancy lost some, and I did, too, but they appear to be intact now. WTF? Blogger gets bought out by google, and then all hell breaks loose?

Well, I'm back, for anyone who's interested. But I have a billion things to do, one of which is to get my butt to campus bright and frickin' early tomorrow, so I have to go now!


- posted by laurie @ 3/04/2003 10:39:00 PM
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