Tuesday, March 04, 2003


one more before bed: the referrer logs were busy keeping track of visitors while I was on my blogcation. I have discovered the following:
- train wreck searches are still very popular hit generators, and many of them are specific requests for pictures.
- frank abignale is also a leader
- it's weird to see your own name pop up as the search term in the referrer logs. Who's looking for me? Or were they looking for Avengers and Dr. Strangelove composer Laurie Johnson? Or one of the million other L.J.'s on the face of the Earth?
- Non-search traffic is mainly from a few limited places, mainly the blogs of my friends. It's good to have friends.

On that note, the tea's steeped and cooled a bit, and I am yawning profusely. 'night-night.

- posted by laurie @ 3/04/2003 11:39:00 PM
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